Welcome to Guru Nanak Public School

Mission & Vision

Mission of Guru Nanak Public School

Our mission is to empower all students to apply their acquired skills and knowledge and to rely upon their personal skills attributes to lead productive lives and to become contributing members of the global community. Our institute includes the expectations of high standards in ethical behavior as well as scholarship.

‘Academic   Integrity is an integral component of our   mission.‘

We will support a student-centered   environment by anticipating the current and future needs of the institute. We will deliver services that are   professional, helpful and proactive.

We pledge to leave no stone unturned to provide opportunities for our students to be prepared and trained to lead the society in all sectors.  Right from its initial days the vision was to develop a school of excellence that caters the best school education in Himachal Pradesh to the people of Nalagarh.

Vision of Guru nanak Public School

GURU NANAK PUBLIC SCHOOL- A place of transformation

Don’t limit your challenges.
Challenge your limits.

The school was founded in 2001 with the objective of offering a global standard of education, a dream visualized by S. Harminder Singh Sethi ji, the chairman of Guru Nanak Public School.

SGNPS is dedicated to provide the blend of both thought and action.

We foster our students’ love for learning , encourage them to try new and exciting things and give them a solid foundation to build  on. Our vision is to develop well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full attention.

Aims of Guru Nanak Public School

To ensure that the school’s mission and values are met, our objectives are:

  • To develop a learning community based on all –around achievement and a passion for life –long
  • To inspire each pupil and enable them to reach their full potential both in and out of the classroom.
  • To promote an understanding of ethical, social and moral values and fully recognize each pupil’s character development alongside their academic progress.
  • To provide our pupils with outstanding pastoral, learning and language support and to engage in the continuous professional development of its staff.
  • To work closely with parents to ensure they are involved in their child’s education; and play an important part in the school.