Welcome to Guru Nanak Public School
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Mission & Vision



The Vision of Guru Nanak Public School is to build a generation that has values, follows deep rooted Indian culture, is equipped with knowledge and skills, have optimistic approach towards life and are sensitive human beings who build a strong bond in the society.


Our mission is to upgrade the rural children to such a level that they are able to compete and perform best at the global level. For this the school will focus to instill values in the field of academics, languages, computer application and moral values. They are taught to learn the sense of responsibility for all their actions.


To ensure that the school’s mission and values are met, our objectives are:

  • The objective of this institution is to impart sound education and character formation to the young so as to enable them to find their proper place in the society and equip them to the service of the God and its people.
  • To create an environment for happy and joyful learning for all kids.
  • To promote an understanding of ethical, social and moral values and fully recognize each pupil’s character development alongside their academic progress.
  • We also aim at moral and spiritual education for awakening a passion in students in them for whatever is true, good, honest and honourable.