Teachers’ Induction Programme

Guru Nanak Public School hosts an illuminating session on “Teacher’s Diary”, National Education Policy and Physical & Health Education for the faculty as a part of the faculty training and induction programme
GNPS stands exceedingly delighted to share with its stakeholders that the school conducted an enlightening session on “How to Fill Teacher’s Diary” for the faculty as a part of the training and induction programme. The teacher’s diary is an important tool for a teacher and is an integral part of the teaching and learning process. The said session was also planned for the discussion on NATIONAL EDUCATION POLICY 2020 focused on the significance and implications of Policy.
Moreover, the session was also conducted to help teachers comprehend the concepts and prepare the lesson plans in a strategised manner. The said session was engrossing and the new members became well-versed in the essential teaching-learning tools and will be able to impart knowledge and lessons to the learners. More so, the enthusiastic teachers were apprised of carving and planning the lesson plans and filling the diary.
The school, thus, wholeheartedly feels elated that the diligent teachers avidly partook in the session and further wishes for them to gain truly rewarding and profound insights from such riveting sessions!

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