Awareness campaign on the “Use of Single-Use Plastic”

On 13-10-2023, Guru Nanak Public School successfully organized an awareness campaign on the “Use of Single-Use Plastic” and a Nukkad Natak (street play) on the theme “Our Education System” in collaboration with the generous support of SDM Nalagarh. This event took place at the vibrant Main Market in Nalagarh and witnessed the presence of several dignitaries, including members of the Municipal Council (MC) Nalagarh, Chairman S. Nasib Singh and Trustee members of Gurmat Parchar Trust, Principal Ms. Jitender Kaur, Vice Principal and staff members of Guru Nanak Public School.

*Event Highlights:*

1. *Awareness Campaign on Single-Use Plastic:*
The primary focus of this event was to raise awareness about the harmful effects of single-use plastic on the environment. The students of Guru Nanak Public School actively engaged with the local community and educated them about the importance of reducing plastic waste. They distributed informative pamphlets and interacted with the public to encourage responsible plastic use.

2. *Nukkad Natak on Education System:*
A thought-provoking street play was performed by the students, highlighting critical issues within the education system. The play aimed to address pertinent challenges and advocate for necessary reforms. It successfully conveyed a powerful message to the audience.

3. *Influential Presence:*
The event was graced by the presence of SDM Nalagarh, members of MC Nalagarh, Revenue officer and other dignitaries from the community. Their support and encouragement added credibility to the cause.

4. *Talented Student Performances:*
The students showcased their exceptional talent and skills during the Nukkad Natak. Their performances were not only entertaining but also served as a means to convey essential messages about both single-use plastic and the education system.

*Impact and Impressions:*

The guests and dignitaries present at the event were deeply touched by the students’ exceptional performances and their commitment to raising awareness about these important issues. They expressed their happiness in witnessing the younger generation actively participating in such initiatives and being conscious of the challenges and opportunities surrounding them.


The awareness campaign and Nukkad Natak organized by Guru Nanak Public School, with the support of SDM Nalagarh, were a remarkable success. The event served as an effective platform for students to showcase their talent and educate the public on vital topics. It demonstrated the power of youth in driving positive change and promoting awareness.

The event’s success is indicative of the collective effort of the school, the support from the local administration, and the enthusiasm of the students. It is hoped that such initiatives will continue to inspire and mobilize the community to address pressing issues and create a more sustainable and responsive society.

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