Vigilance Awareness Week

Vigilance Awareness Week was observed at Guru Nanak Public School with the aim of promoting a corruption-free environment among students and staff. The week-long event included various activities and initiatives to raise awareness and address common issues related to corruption.


1. Pledge Taking:
The week commenced with a pledge-taking ceremony where all students and teachers pledged to lead a life free from corruption. This served as a symbolic commitment to uphold integrity and honesty in all aspects of their lives.

2. Staff Talk:
A special talk was organized for the school staff, which was conducted by the school’s principal, Mrs. Jitender Kaur. During the session, Mrs. Kaur addressed commonly faced problems related to corruption, emphasizing the importance of ethical conduct and reporting any suspicious activities. This talk provided valuable insights to the staff on identifying and addressing corruption issues within the school environment.

3. Student Sensitization:
To ensure that students were also well-informed and sensitized to the issues of corruption, various awareness sessions were held throughout the week. Students learned about the detrimental effects of corruption on society and the importance of their role in preventing it.

4. Essay Writing Activity:
As part of the awareness campaign, an essay writing activity was organized for the students. The essay topics revolved around the theme of vigilance, integrity, and the role of the youth in combating corruption. This activity encouraged students to express their thoughts and understanding of these critical issues.

Vigilance Awareness Week at Guru Nanak Public School was a successful initiative aimed at fostering a corruption-free environment. The various activities conducted throughout the week served to educate both students and staff about the importance of integrity and vigilance in their daily lives. By taking these measures, the school community has taken a step towards creating a more responsible and ethical society.

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