Medical Camp Promotes Health Awareness at Guru Nanak Public School

Successful Medical Camp Promotes Health Awareness at Guru Nanak Public School

On 04-01-2024, a noteworthy health initiative unfolded at Guru Nanak Public School (GNPS) as expert doctors from Trehan Hospital Nalagarh organized an Awareness cum Free Checkup Medical Camp. The event aimed to address prevalent diseases, such as Cancer and PCOD, providing crucial information about symptoms and preventive measures.

Campaign Highlights:

*Disease Awareness Sessions:*
Expert doctors engaged in informative sessions, shedding light on diseases that pose a significant threat within our community, including Cancer and PCOD. These discussions equipped attendees with valuable knowledge about recognizing symptoms and taking proactive steps to prevent these illnesses.

*Free Checkup Camp:*
A pivotal aspect of the initiative was the establishment of a free checkup camp. Attendees, including students and their parents, were encouraged to actively participate in discussions with healthcare professionals. The camp facilitated an open dialogue where health concerns were addressed, and individuals received free tests to assess their well-being.

*Community Engagement:*
The event fostered a sense of community engagement, encouraging individuals to take charge of their health. Attendees actively participated, discussing their health issues with doctors and availing themselves of the free medical tests offered.

*Expression of Gratitude:*
Guru Nanak Public School expressed gratitude for the altruistic efforts of the doctors from Trehan Hospital. The collaboration underscored the importance of community well-being and showcased a shared commitment to promoting health awareness.

The Awareness cum Free Checkup Medical Camp at Guru Nanak Public School, orchestrated by Trehan Hospital Nalagarh, emerged as a successful endeavor in promoting health awareness and providing accessible healthcare services to the community. The collaborative efforts between the educational institution and healthcare professionals exemplify the positive impact that such initiatives can have on the overall well-being of society.

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